Meet "Q". The Intelligent Lead Generation Platform.

Our cloud platform delivers highly targeted  prospects. Period.

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Meet “Q “

The Q” platform was designed with a very specific ambition: To capture information from a warm lead in response to direct marketing campaigns for tax, legal, finance and credit professionals. “Q”  uses market intelligence from our fresh data and proprietary lead capture technologies to accurately target and convert your prospects. The highest conversion ratio’s available at a fraction of the cost of online marketing (Google, Facebook). See how “Q” works.

The ultimate lead generation platform

Just imagine if you could…

  • Triple your lead to sales conversion ratio?
  • Have warm, qualified leads simply flow into your email inbox?
  • Micro-target prospects that have an absolute and immediate need?
  • Manage volumes of high quality inbound leads without needing any support staff?
  • Have a low-cost, sophisticated direct marketing campaign without making changes to your website?

Well, now you can. It’s called “Q”

Compare… Leads converted per 10,000 gross leads.

Net leads converted using the "Q" platform.

Net leads converted using traditional direct marketing.

The ROI difference is dramatic.

With 263 additional net converted leads using “Q”, if the average revenue generated per net conversion is $1,000, that means the “Q” platform delivered $263,000 in additional revenue per campaign! (That’s $352,000 vs. $89,000)!


Generate highly target and qualified warm, inbound leads without having to…

  • Make any changes to your website
  • Manage any inbound phone calls
  • Hire any support personnel
  • Pay for any expenses except for the lead generation campaign

It’s simple to use. It’s fast, it’s inexpensive and zero training is required…

  • A fraction of the cost of online marketing (Google, Facebook)
  • We manage all aspects of the campaign and the online platform
  • No staff training other than being able to use email
  • Prospects get your contact information immediately via email once they engage

Cherry pick the leads you want to follow up on…

  • View prospects interest, and revenue potential instantly
  • Easily forward leads to other coworkers via email
  • Add leads to your CRM or practice management system
  • Retrieve leads for future marketing to prospects

Simply put, it’s the “hook” that’s been missing from direct response marketing.

  • Setup time is days, not weeks
  • Creative services available
  • Best-in-class direct response services providers
  • It just works. Plain and simple

It's a Trillion Dollar market. Millions of prospects. We reach them all...

13+ million federal tax lien leads.

Tax relief is big business. These people need help. Generate incoming, pre-qualified leads today.

25+ million student loan leads.

Student loan debt settlement is booming. Our leads are highly targeted to your area of specialty.

100+ million debt relief leads.

Debt relief is huge. People and businesses need help. We can deliver them on a silver platter.