Jo Neeson

Jo Neeson

Partner @ Qbasis - Director, Client Services

Hello! I’m Jo Neeson. 

I am an Air Force Veteran. and former restaurant and bar owner. I have spent years trying every available way to expand my customer base by providing coupons, rewards cards, advertising etc. but somehow I was never able to find an affordable, easy way to reach out and touch my customers and encourage new business.

I knew there had to be a better way! Restaurant tech has become an absolute must, especially post COVID. Consumer patterns have changed. Technology has kept up too! But, I’m committed to “SUPPORTING LOCAL”, and these local restaurants and retailers are having a hard time keeping up with the major chain stores. Why?…

  • They don’t know what to do, or how to do it
  • They don’t know what is available and what works
  • They don’t have the “big-chain” resources to compete

Well… Now they do!

I’m proud to introduce to you an exciting new way to make your business more successful AND offer your customers an easy to use rewards / incentive, and other customer touching programs to reach out and stay in contact to better serve your customers… Increase foot traffic, average ticket sales and customer experience!

I’m happy to announce I have teamed up with John Wind from Qbasis, a genius web developer. Our buzz word during the development has been K.I.S.S…….KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!!!!

I look forward to working with you. Your success is our success!

Welcome to Qbasis!!!!