Anna Silver - Prague, Czech Republic

Anna Silver - Prague, Czech Republic

Cloud Services Engineer

Hello, Anna here!

I am an engineer from training and a nature lover from my heart. I live in Prague, Czech Republic, one of Europe’s oldest and most historic cities. And not too far from great hiking areas. The dining is fabulous too. I travel frequently and can’t wait to get home. But that’s enough about me personally (the most exciting part). 

Like the rest of the team, I work remotely. I’m used to being on USA time zones. My vendor partners are there, mostly in Silicon Valley and Seattle. My main area of expertise is the architecture and design of cloud (SaaS) projects. Usually, when my part is done, they are handed off to the integration team, and then project management for final approvals. This is all in the background. The client never sees what is involved in all of this design and integration.

Much as I would love to meet or communicate with our clients, it’s not likely. That’s just how this job works. But… The working from home and the site seeing makes it all worthwhile! 

Good luck with your next project!