John Wind

John Wind

Owner @ Qbasis


I’ve been working remotely since 2004, long before it became “a thing.” I’ve been in the web application, telecom, and software business for a very long time. There wasn’t a “playbook” about how to be a productive remote executive, so I had to make due, and eventually, I wrote my own playbook. There had to be a better way to do this! Fast forward a few years, and Qbasis was founded.

It wasn’t just about building websites. It was about working smarter! Q was founded out of the need to leverage all of the new tech coming out, into a workflow that was far more productive than anything available at the time. Web, telecom, and video converged on one tightly integrated platform. The “Q” as it became known.

Having substantial website development, video, telecom, unified communications, and application experience, I had a healthy head start.  And now, I’m proud to use my knowledge and web networking capabilities to help businesses usher in a new way to do business.

My Professional Experience and Qualifications:


Owner @ Qbasis Web Services

  • Built the “Q” Website Platform from the ground up, leading to an entirely new way of creating affordable, high-end interactive websites for small businesses. Our vision, product, and managed services bundle the best-in-class technology from WordPress, Amazon AWS, Ring Central, Microsoft, and others to create and powerful, and affordable website marketing machine.
  • Developed and launched the CloudSpan telecom web-app services business unit for VoIP Supply
  • E-commerce developer for all new (Earth Raised), CBD, and hemp-based products

Chief Marketing Officer
SipStorm Technologies (Z-Tel) / Tampa, FL.

 Z-Tel, a NASDAQ traded nationwide CLEC with over 300,000 customers generating over $300MM in annual revenue, including major wholesale relationships with MCI and Sprint.

Epicus Communications / Orlando, FL.
Vice President, Marketing & Strategy

A NASDAQ traded CLEC, providing voice and unified communications services to over 60,000 customers in the (formerly) BellSouth territory.

  • Developed and launched a web-based unified messaging platform channel that integrated old, non-VoIP & mobile phones, with voice-driven web directories.
  • Simply dialing “00” on your keypad gave you voice and button-activated website directories. Within the first 90-days of launch, we acquired 20,000+ unified messaging customers.

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