Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Project Manager - Atlanta Georgia, USA

Hey, I’m Mark Smith “Smitty.” I hail from Mountainview (Silicon Valley) California originally. I move to the greater Atlanta area in 2005. The humidity is a bit rough in the summer, but I love it. And with a desk job and A/C, I’m fine! And when my Falcons are playing, who cares! LOL.

I’m not much of a writer. I usually leave that stuff to John (JW). Man, he can talk too! LOL. I’m one of the project managers who coordinate clients’ needs.  I’m one of the guys that makes sure the project all comes in together properly, and on time. Believe it or not, there are a ton of details to pull together to make sure everything works as promised.

Like everyone else here, I work remotely and I love it. Being a completely decentralized team, working with a wide range of time zones can get to be tough. Flexible hours provide what is most dear to all of us. “A work/life balance.”

I hope to be assigned to your project!

— Smitty