John Wind

John Wind

Owner @ Qbasis - A Full Stack Web Developer


I’ve been working remotely since 2004, long before it became “a thing.” I’ve been in the web application, telecom, and software business for a very long time. There wasn’t a “playbook” about how to be a productive remote executive, so I had to make do, and eventually, I wrote my own .

It wasn’t just about building websites. It was about working smarter! Q was founded out of the need to leverage all of the new tech coming out, into a workflow that was far more productive than anything available at the time. Web, telecom, and video converged on one tightly integrated platform. The “Q” as it became  known.

What I Do?

Owner @ Qbasis Web Services

Restaurant & Retail Tech

Founder, architect, and lead developer of the “Q” Website Platform, leading to an entirely new way of creating affordable, high-end interactive websites for small businesses with a focus on US-based local small businesses in restaurant, beverage, healthcare and retail. Our vision, product, and managed services bundle the best-in-class technology from WordPress, Amazon AWS, Ring Central, Microsoft, and others to create and powerful, and affordable website marketing machine.

The goals are bold, but the approach is simple.

  • Integrate all of the latest tech trends, tools, applications, and technologies that enable local businesses to:
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Increase sales while broadening their customer base
    • Increase sustainable profits
  • Make all of this available at an affordable cost with a simple ROI, without disrupting their existing business workflow, retraining existing employees or the added expense of other third-party vendors

That’s what I do. And I’d love to work with you!