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There’s no such thing as one-and-done. Success requires a mutual commitment.

We provide the tools to increase foot traffic, revenue and brand loyalty to your local restaurant & retail establishment.

First, we install our “Q” Platform (including custom theme) on our Amazon AWS servers (or your own shared, managed hosting provider) per the custom specs we work out with you, and we manage every aspect of it through our Managed Services Program.

Here are the three basic elements of having a solid website, that offers tangible returns. Learn more…

1- Website Design, Development & Installation

Our highly customized “Q” Platform – WordPress website, fully set up, and running, loaded with every tool and feature available. That includes standard pages, (Home, Services, About, and Contact) as an example. You need to supply the content and logo(s).

The design, build, changes, and testing will take about a solid one to two weeks. The initial basic costs vary for the turnkey design, build, and tools your select (online ordering, rewards program with text/SMS to your customers, menus, event calendars, etc). That of course will vary depending on how big you want to start. We manage every service for a flat monthly cost through our Managed Services Program, and all updates’ costs.

We’ll get you up and running. Our Managed Services will keep you there!

2- Managed Services Program (MSP)

A web strategy and your investment, without professional managed services is virtually pointless. Do it right, or don’t do it. That’s why it’s part of our overall best-in-class service.

Our managed services include all of the maintenance required to keep everything running smoothly. Daily backups, security patches, firewalls, anti-spam, speed optimization, plugin updates, and more. You will always operate at 100%, and never need to worry about the tech stuff.

And we are there to talk, support, and help move you forward. Monthly MSP pricing can range from as little as $100/monthly, based on your scope of work and expectations. It’s all about time investment, and keeping that marketing engine goining to bring in more customers and revenue to you!

Do what you do best. Run your business. We’ve got this!

3- Digital Marketing Partner (DMP)

Now it’s time to start the growth journey together. Our platform was built for, and can handle virtually anything you want to throw at it. Let’s go get some customers!

This program usually becomes a standard, long-term part of our standard part of our MSP program. Afterall, that’s why we build all of this right? The DMP offers everything imaginable including managing and updating your tools (calendars, menus, promotions, events,etc., Google Local Business listings, etc). The market is endless, but your wallet isn’t, and every business’ goal, budget and plan differ. So, as part of our working together, we map out a basic “goals” strategy from day-one. Nobody wants to walk in blindly.

Digital marketing campaign(s) cost vary widely. What usually happens is that we end up simply bundling the up the MSP retainer once we get a better feel for longer-term needs, and eliminate the “gotcha” problems. It’s better for all sides, to budget to a single monthly outsourced professional services cost and be done.

New! Introducing our newest web & commincations partner. Unleash the power of the Web and mobility!


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One place for all your work.

Endless Capabilities…

Shopping Cart – Storefronts

Do you want to sell products/services online? Great! We have 20+ years of building storefronts. We work with the best-in-class leader, Shopify to create and manage every part of your ecommerce strategy.  Do it right, or don’t do it. Don’t play with amateurs at the risk of your brand and overall web strategy. We can also set you up with payment gateways so you can increase sales without a hasstle.

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We’ll integrate the major social networks directly into your new website. Follow us, social comments feeds from social media directly to your website, and more. Post page updates, blogs, videos, and more to your social feed and get SEO benefits from the social traffic to your site. Your audience expects these features.


For most businesses, SEO starts with Google Local – (Google My Business). Show up in search when a user does a search for something tagged to your offerings in the “near me” search results. Map your business, show off products, reviews, business hours, contact information, and more. Be relevant. Be local.


We’ve all read our share of blog posts. You may have interacted with them, sharing your comments. You can have your own! WordPress is the #1 blog platform in the world, bar none. Create categories, tags, and more to organize your content. Post them on social media. Share ideas. Gain SEO credit. It’s all ready to be set up.



No two pages are the same. Some take more time than others. Adding new pages with us is simple. You upload a Word document with the new page copy, images, and any links required, and we’ll do the rest. The average page is our minimum charge of $100. This could vary depending on the complexity of the page. Pages can also contain elements like galleries, blogs, etc. 



Do you want to accept credit cards and/or mobile payment apps on your website? We support Venmo, Cash.App, Zelle, and the typical credit card merchants for all the major cards. We prefer GoDaddy Payments based on our experience but can integrate virtually any gateway. Already have one? Great! We’ve got this.


Custom forms are great for capturing information, just like our “Get Estimate” form here. Forms require a bit of backend integration work to make sure they get delivered to you. From basic contact forms to conditional logic (expand part based on previous selection), the options are endless. Prices vary based on complexity.


We all know what these are. You can have your own custom video and photo galleries. We do not recommend YouTube for many reasons. Host your own. Control your audience. Track who sees what. Don’t compete with a competing YouTube playlist. We provide professional video hosting that enhances your brand.