Payment Terms

Revised July 1, 2022

By and between Qbasis, a John Wind Company, (Provider), and the customer or beneficiary of products and/or services received or to be received, (Client).

Unless otherwise provided for in the Qbasis Work Order, invoice, or another purchase-related document(s), payment for Web Services is due in advance of service. Any incremental costs incurred during the duration of the Web Services project will be billed to Client with payment due upon submission of the invoice.  Additional monthly fees for mutually agreed upon Managed Services are paid quarterly in advance of service. The billing cycle for managed services begins the date services begin, and as indicated on the invoice submitted to Client.

By submitting a payment, partial or other, the Client fully agrees that they/you are fully authorized to make this payment and/or purchase, and Provider hereby accepts payment on account and upon receipt. Client further agrees that this payment is within the agreed-upon terms between you, and/or the beneficiary that you are representing of the products and/or services being purchased herein and that Client and/or you accept the amount that you are paying without reservation, and that you, and/or Client will not dispute any or all charges paid to date, or due in part for future services or balances due.

Qbasis, a John Wind Company. Please direct questions here.