Scope of Work General Agreement

Revised January 10, 2023

Qbasis Web Services (Developer) submits this Managed Services Program Agreement (MSP) to XXXXX. (Client).

Whereas under a separate work order agreement dated XXXXX, the Developer is developing the website (Website) for the Client.

And whereas Client requires ongoing maintenance of Website to include the following (as needed which could be daily, weekly, monthly, and/or on-demand):

  1. Server management includes the following: (Does not include monthly webhosting cost)
    1. Setup new webhost server (host to be determined)
    2. Create all of the domain records for hosing (and email if required)
    3. Daily backups
    4. Plugin updates
    5. Database optimization
    6. Performance enhancements for desktop and mobile page loads speeds
  2. Events Calendar – Planner
    1. Possible license for application required, under $100/year.
    2. Create, update even posts (articles) as needed
    3. Create “push via text/SMS” campaigns to rewards program customers (requires Five Star Rewards program)
  3. Rewards Loyalty Program
    1. Separate program purchase required
    2. Create and aid in management of promotional campaigns
    3. Training – program coordinator
  4. Menus & online ordering – curbside pickup
    1. Maintain menus, adds, moves changes
    2. Install, manage third party hosted application (app fees are not included).
    3. Application vendor to be determined
    4. POS integration for ordering
  5. Webpage(s) adds/changes
    1. Adding and changing a moderate number of webpages
    2. Adds/changes to images, logos, image galleries, etc.
  1. Google Local, SEO & Analytics:
    1. Create Google Local Business listings
    2. Create, monitor and manage Google Analytics and traffic tracking/management
    3. Create, monitor and update local keywords for all pages for SEO targeting

This Agreement covers all of the tasks listed above.

 ***What this agreement does not cover:

  1. Repairs or fixes such as:
    1. Security certificates
    2. Damage to pages or functionality caused by a third party outside of the control of the Developer
    3. Hacks caused by a third party outside of the control of the Developer
  2. Work requests outside of the normal adds, changes, and general maintenance outlined in this Agreement
  3. Hosting services or software license(s) that are owned or controlled by Client.

Term(s) of Agreement:

  • A flat monthly fee of $XXXX is payable quarterly $XXXX in advance by the first of each billing cycle, or at the time of the initiation of this service order, for the month forward, example quarterly MSP fees (December 20, 2022 1st to March 31st period is due by January 1st).
  • This Agreement shall remain in effect continuously until cancelled by either party prior to the new quarterly billing cycle beginning. Effective date commences XXXXX.
  • This Agreement may be cancellable with a 30-day notice for any cause. Cause shall be limited to:
    • The Developer’s failure to perform these services, or
    • Client’s non-payment of fees as outlined in this Agreement

Additional Terms are found here: Payment Terms | Services Agreement


Accepted by Client

Qbasis Web Services

By: Client Name

By: Authorized Representative Name


Date: XXXX

Date: XXXX

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